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ANOUNCEMENT: All 18 full episodes of the A Doll's House series will be released for Windows PC. SOON!


We have for some time had some problems with our oscommerce online store.
Some customers after having completed the PayPal transaction get this message:

Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again.

The message is false!

The customer gets a receipt for the purchase from PayPal by e-mail. And we get a notification about the payment from PayPal. All this is like it should be.

The trouble is the customer is not forwarded to the download page but instead back to the shopping cart.

The customer must manually go to My Account - My Orders and click on the order in question to find the download link.

Available downloads are 5 and the link expires after 2 days. (I have in fact tried to increase it to 7 days without success!)
In addition the customer must manually remove the item from the shopping cart.

If you have any questions about this contact us directly at: paal-olstad@poetsoftware.no

Do not use the 'Contact us' form since that does not seem to work any longer!
Until all this is fixed we will not release our upcoming A Doll's House Complete for Windows PC.
Apart from that the problem only applies to our Android apps. And NOT to our released Windows apps which are published at Microsoft Store.

We are very sorry for all these inconveniences!

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