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Nitten studenter - a solitaire...

All bitmapped graphics used in the game,
Copyright © Paal Olstad. <p-olstad@online.no>
All rights reserved.


NOTE: If using a dial-up connection, you may disconnect after the cards have been loaded and still play as many deals as you like (see Interface below) as long as you don't close the web page for the game (this page) in your browser.

See also the solitaires Diplomaten, Sjernen and Spider.

The applet

The applet on this page is displayed in the right cell of the top table. If this cell is empty see a note on the code below for an explanation. First the graphical images needed for the game are loaded. When the loading has completed successfully, it will be possible to press the "Play" button. When the "Play" button is pressed a new "window" will open where the cards are laid for a new game.


Nitten studenter (Nineteen students), so called due to the nineteen cards at the top of the layout, is a solitaire that will challenge one's every faculty as a player. Accurate calculations and careful planning are necessary to be able to win this game.


CARDS: Two regular packs of 52 cards are shuffled together making a total of 104 cards.

LAYOUT: First a row of nineteen cards are dealt face up partially overlapping each other [these are the students]. A little more than a card's height below a row of eight face up cards are dealt [these are the helper cards/positions]. Right above the lefmost of the helper cards a face up card is dealt [this card starts the foundations and also defines which rank is the bottom one in the deal]. The remaining 76 cards form the stock.

PLAY: One card at a time is turned from the stock thus forming a discard pile. The foundations are built up following suit until thirteen cards are assembled (the ace is placed on the king). Only one card can be moved at a time and all free cards [i e the top "student", any of the helper cards and the top of the discard pile] are movable. On the top of the "students" one can build down regardless of suit. Also the bottom/leftmost "student" can be moved to the top if it is one rank below the present top. The top of the "students" can be moved to the foundations or to the discard pile but NOT to the helper row. An empty space in the helper row can be filled with any card. It is not allowed to build on the helper cards. On the top of the discard one builds down regardless of suit. When the stock is exhausted, the discard pile is turned to form a new stock. This reassembling can only be done once.

WINNING: When all the cards have been moved to the foundations the game is won.


To move a card, simply click it and drag it to the wanted place. If a legal move has been made, the card will be transferred. To move the bottom card of the "students" to the top, just click it [press and realease a mouse button over the visible part of the card]. When the stock is exhausted, click on the rounded rectangle with the circles inside to form a new stock of the discard pile.

To start a (new) game/deal press the <SPACE> bar.

If for any reason the playing area is not painted correctly, press "R" to repaint it.

A note on the code

The applet on this page requires a browser compatible with JRE 1.1 or above either directly or through the use of a Java Plugin. The Norwegian browser Opera (an undemanding browser, rich on features) supports Java through use of a plugin and can co-exist with any other browser on any system.


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