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PLEASE NOTE: This game is VERY old. Even if you follow the instructions the game may not work/work properly on your PC.

Years ago PCs were delivered with a programming tool called GW-Basic. The present game was coded by yours truly using that programming language.

It is an arcade game in which the Hero's job is to recolor all the galaxies (usually from some kind of green into some kind of red).

But there are some enemies that want to stop him.

The Space Rat: This little monster will hurt the Hero if they collide. The Hero starts out with five lives, but looses one every time he bumps into the Rat.

The Cosmic Bubble: This shady character will try to undo the Hero's work. It will vanish when hit by the Hero, but reappears after a while.

There are 61 galaxies to recolor. Every sixth plus no. 61 is a special challenge, to get from one part of the galaxy to the other the Hero must pass through black holes (with blue stripes). The Rat and the Bubble may pass through these too. After finishing every sixth galaxy, the Hero gains a life.

The game is joystick controlled.

You need to have GW-Basic installed on your computer in order to play Galaxe. See GALAXE.TXT (included in the zip- file) for more details on using GW-Basic, playing the game (there are standard game and special difficulty levels to choose from), what to do if the program runs too fast on your system, and how to start the game from within Windows. The zip-file also includes a screen tour program and two icons.

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