Poet's Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Page


The song being played is "Going wacky," Copyright bobby prince Music.


The screenshot above is from MoreCosmo1.



26. June 2020: MoreCosmo1 v1.0


Updated 22. October 2015: NewCosmo3 v1.2

New 22. October 2015: MoreCosmo3 v1.0

New 22. October 2015: MoreCosmo2 v1.0


The screenshots at the bottom of this page are from NewCosmo3.


To play these add-ons you need the full registered version of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.
See Apogee/3D Realms' Cosmo Page

See the included text files for installation.


These add-ons for Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
were made using Cosmo's Cosmic Level Editor by Karl Morrison, including Textract by Frenkel Smeijiers.

3 of the levels in NewCosmo3 were made using Cosmo Editor v1.0 (COSMEDIT.EXE) by David Bollinger.


Any comments on my add-ons to Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure?