Poet's Descent II add-ons

Thank you for wanting to play my add-ons to Descent II, Planet Poet, Planet Poet II, The House, The Garden, and The Beach.

To play my add-ons you need the full registered version of Descent II by Parallax Software/Interplay.

My add-ons run with d2x-rebirth.exe. Visit DXX rebirth.

For DOS you need Descent II version 1.2 or above to play my add-ons.

If you have version 1.0 or 1.1, for the DOS version of the game download the patch d2ptch12.

To install my add-ons, put the files POET.MN2, POET.HOG, and HOUSE.MN2, HOUSE.HOG, and PP2.MN2, PP2.HOG, and GARDEN.HOG, GARDEN.MN2, and BEACH.HOG, BEACH.MN2 in the catalogue called Missions, which is a sub-catalogue to your Descent2 catalogue.
When you start a new game a list will come up where you choose between the new missions and the original DESCENT 2: COUNTERSTRIKE! If you have installed one or more extra missions previously, you will already have seen this list.
Planet Poet, Planet Poet II, The House, The Garden and The Beach will then be added to it.