Table of robots' weaponry

The "threat" level is approximate for each. This ranking is my own and does not necessarily follow the PTMC ranking.

Robots in one and the same category may differ in number of cannons, shield, behavior, speed etc. and therefor sometimes also in "threat" factor.


  (D1): Descent (1) robots   Low    
  (V): Vertigo robots   Medium    
  Others: Descent II robots   Medium High    
  ++: Includes others   High    
Thief Bandit        
Energy Drain E-Bandit        
Charging, Kamikaze Omega        
Spy Supervisor (D1/D2)        
Proximity Bombs/Smart Mines (custom) Omega Guppy        
Light Fire Balls Drone 1 (D1)        
Fire Balls Red Spider (D1)++        
Light Laser Small Spider (D1) Second. Lifter (D1) Red Hornet    
Medium light Laser Drone 2 (D1) Platform 1 (D1)      
Medium light Laser (Proximity Bombs in D1) Gopher 3 (D1)        
Medium Laser Small Hulk (D1) PTMC Def. Bot (D1) Green Hornet    
Xenon Laser PIG        
"TI Stream" Energy PEST TRN Racer Fervid 99 (V)    
"Fox" Energy (Spread fire) Fox Attack Bot        
Helix Ice Spindle Logikill (V)      
Plasma Heavy Driller 1 (D1)        
Plasma + Returning Homing Plasma Heavy Driller 2 (V)        
"Phase" Energy BPER Canary (V)      
Phoenix Smelter Smelter Smelter 2 (V)    
Omega (Homing White Ball) SPIKE (V)        
Fusion Mini Boss (D1)        
Light Vulcan IT Droid        
Vulcan Driller 1 (D1) Driller 1 (D1)      
Gauss Bulk Destroyer        
Diamond Cutter Medium Lifter (D1) Medium Lifter (D1) Advanced Lifter (D1) Compact Lifter (V)  
Diamond Cutter + Returning Homing Plasma Diamond Claw Diamond Claw Fiddler (V)    
Concussion Missiles Medium Hulk (D1) Medium Hulk (D1) Platform 2 (D1) Green Spider++  
Concussion Missiles + Light Vulcan ITSC        
Flash Missiles Sidearm Modula        
Flash Missiles + "Phase" Energy Sidearm++        
Flash Missiles + Gauss Sniper NG (V)        
Homing Missiles Super Hulk (D1) Lou Guard      
Homing Missiles + Flash Missiles Red Fatty Boss        
Homing Flash Missiles MAX (V)        
Mercury Missiles Seeker        
Mercury Missiles + Fast Phoenix Red Fatty jr.        
Mercury Missiles + Smart Mines Water Boss        
Mercury Missiles + Gauss Alien 1 Boss        
Smart Missiles + Plasma Boarshead        
Mega Smart Missiles Boss 1 (D1)        
Mega Smart Missiles + Omega (Homing White Ball) Vertigo Boss 1 (V)        
(Homing) Mega Missiles Boss 2 (D1)        
(Homing) Mega Missiles + Fast Phoenix Fire Boss        
Mega Flash Missiles + Omega (Homing White Ball) Ice Boss        
Earth Shaker Missiles Alien 2 Boss        
Earth Shaker Missiles + (Homing) Mega Missiles Vertigo Boss 2 (V)       10.10.02 Poet

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