Uhyrenes Dal (UhD) V2.00


Download the single player game.

See the included txt file on installation, playing the game, and more.


Youtube playthrough video of UhD

Screenshots from UhD


As a TC it is not finished but the single player part is completed.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to own a version of the original game's exe (dos or gl) to play UhD!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the version of UhD where it says V2.00 in the included txt file!

One huge single player level.
All new graphics drawn from scratch, including skins.
(Most of) the QC (progs.dat) modifications.

A new exe (source code modifications).
Multiplayer levels.
New sounds.
New model shapes.




Uhyrenes Dal screenshots

The screen shots are from the dos version.
The game looks even better in the gl version.