Poet's Space Tivoli

If the game does not start immediately, click once inside the game window.

Move the hero by clicking the red, green, blue and yellow star buttons, or using arrow keys (makes it possible to cheat by going sideways), or using 'grab' (not recomended).
Go into double jump mode by clicking the cyan star button and back to standard jump mode by clicking the orange star button. Or use SPACE + arrow key for double jumps.
Double jump mode + clicking star buttons is recomended for double jumps.
Break bubbles but avoid the monsters. Jumping on the yellow field removes all monsters for a short while.
Some monsters can be jumped on from above.
If you are trapped by a monster keep holding down an arrow key (or SPACE + arrow key) to escape.
Make all the fields red (by jumping on them). Don't fall between them.
Violet star button = Save-Load: The game saves what board you are on, the points you had when you started the board in question, and the start position.
Press ESCAPE to remove the Save/Load window.
You never get "game over".