A Doll's House - A Troll's House

18 complete episodes for Windows PC.

Experience the ADVENTURE, solve the PUZZLES and engage in tough BATTLES!

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Take on the part as Bjørn Jonstad from Toten. Enter a world of action, adventure, puzzles, suspense, mystery and romance!
Fight monsters and trolls, giant worms, insects and plants, ghostly pirates, gunslingers and death knights, armours, cloaks, skeletons, ghosts and more.
Take healing from fairies and mermaids.
Choose between 8 fantastic weapons, including missile launchers with exploding rockets and bouncing projectiles.
Solve puzzles and problems and explore mansions, castles, dungeons, attics, cottages, parks, gardens, mazes, forests and islands!
And save your girlfriend Henriette Hanssen from The Devil Incarnate and his minions!

Weeks and months of gameplay and never a dull moment!

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The complete game comes with its own installation program and a desktop icon.

The PC versions of the episodes are identical in every respect to the Android versions.
See many more screenshots at Facebook from the android versions (click the shots for full sized images). Warning: Minor spoilers.

See also the A Doll's House Hint Manual. WARNING: Spoilers!

See also Poet's A Troll's House (episode 18) playthrough video: A Troll's House

See also the Android versions

Find more info here! WARNING: Spoilers!

All graphical images copyright Paal Olstad.

Episode selection screen.

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