Genius Only (and for those who think they are)

The ULTIMATE code breaking game!

Now available at Microsoft Store!

In this game you are to find a code of different colors in a 3x3 layout.

For each attempt, you are granted a black key for each color in the the right position, a red key for each color in the right row, a yellow key for each color in the right column, and a white key for each color that must be moved both horizontally and vertically to get in the right position.

Further explantions and examples are available in the help section of the game itself for which there is also an option for a free download.

If you are reading this on a Windows 10/11 unit, open the Microsoft Store app to purchase and download the game, and start to play right away.


Click the image above to go the Genuis Only page at Microsoft Store.
(Or click your Microsoft 'Store' icon and look the game up.)

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Paal Olstad

Poet Software