Po& Poker Patience

A UNIQUE take on a classic game!

Now available at Microsoft Store!

In this game you take on the classic Poker Solitaire in a challenging way that also gives you the possibility of winning the game in a precise manner.

Two layouts are dealt, and in each you have to achieve the following:

  • All the eight poker combinations/hands, from One Pair to Straight Flush, must be present in at least one of the rows, columns or diagonals.
  • All the five rows and columns and the two diagonals must contain a poker combination.
  • All cards must play an active part in a poker combination.

Further details are available on the game's web page (see below) and there is an option for a free download of the game.

If you are reading this on a Windows 10/11 unit, open the Microsoft Store app to purchase and download the game, and start to play right away.


Click the image above to go the Po& Poker Patience page at Microsoft Store.
(Or click your Microsoft 'Store' icon and look the game up.)

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